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General Provisions

The following are terms of a legal agreement between You and SCORED FILMS LLC (“Scored Films”). Any person or entity (“User” or “You”) accessing, browsing, or using the www.FilmSounds.net website (“Site”) or any of the content available via the Site, whether obtained directly or through a 3rd party, acknowledge that You have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of the agreement (“Agreement”). Scored Films reserves the right to update or alter the Agreement from time to time. Film Sounds ("Film Sounds") is a storefront of Scored Films LLC.

Privacy & Cookies

Scored Films does not sell information.
Scored Films does not use cookie-based analytics tools.
Site-essential cookies are used for the shopping cart, videos, and the contact form at www.FilmSounds.net/contact.

Depending on a user's device and browser settings, some cookies can be shared. Scored Films values privacy and we find many modern web trends to be very troubling. We offer clearly presented information and guidance on managing cookies on our Cookie Information page at www.FilmSounds.net/cookie-info.

Cookies Used by the Site

Our cart and user-login service (Snipcart) is provided by a third-party, which also requires cookies to function. Snipcart's policy as of March 2021 states that it is GDPR-compliant with cookie information. This policy can be located at https://cdn.snipcart.com/legal/dpa.pdf.

Walkthrough videos are seen by most composers in the music industry as an essential transparent format to determine honest product information. Videos include a site introduction, blogging about tutorial or learning information, and product demo and walkthrough videos. Vimeo and YouTube are used on the site, being the standard video platforms used in the film and music industries.

A recaptcha service (currently Google) is used on the Contact Page at www.FilmSounds.net/contact to prevent attacks against the site. This recaptcha cookie is only used when loading the Contact page.

International Cookie Compliance

Meeting the requirements of every country can prove difficult and potentially impossible due to legal conflicts. Scored Films may choose to block sales to select countries at our sole discretion, however it is generally very easy to use online proxy websites to access blocked purchases from a different country and this is commonly available knowledge if searching for a way to purchase blocked products. If this Site is not compliant with your country's legal requirements, you are not authorized to use the Site or to purchase products and we encourage you to delete your cookies and cache before leaving the Site. While we strongly believe in respecting your privacy, most usage of cookies is out of our control, due to the complexities, platforms, dependencies, and security needs of modern web development. Our research revealed that many options are outdated, unreliable, defunct, or not cross-platform enough to meet the standards of every country.

Identify Protection

You agree to keep Your password and email address confidential and secure. You agree to not allow any other party to use Your password or email address to access the Site or any content via the Site. You agree not to use information other than Your own. If You believe someone else has used Your personal information on the Site, please immediately inform Scored Films at www.FilmSounds.net/contact to help us secure your information.


Scored Films offers products and services for purchase. All samples, sounds, sound effects, loops, audio files or virtual instrument files, all software and documentation or help and support services, or any other service provided by Scored Films regardless of format or delivery method, are the Products ("Products").

By purchasing any Products, Scored Films grants You non-exclusive license to use the Products provided that such use ONLY renders sound recordings of a unique nature from the original Products. Ownership of the Products is held by Scored Films. When You purchase any Product(s), You are granted a licensed copy for use as expressly authorized in the Agreement. You may not sublicense or distribute Products. You agree to protect Your copy of the Products from duplication, transfer or any other form of unauthorized access by any other persons. Scored Films maintains full ownership of the Site and Products and ownership of the Copyright of the Site and Products.

Code Of Conduct

You agree that You will not submit or post information to the Site that could be deemed harmful or offensive to other users or to implicate another in such actions, either individually or with any other party. You agree not to stalk or harass any users, including any owners or operators of Scored Films or Film Sounds. You agree to do nothing that might interfere or disrupt the performance or service or flow of data to and from the Site, or circumvent any of the controls or usage rules Scored Films implemented by or on behalf of Scored Films. You understand that the result of harmful or offensive actions may include revocation of Your right to use the Site or Products and may result in legal action taken against You. Scored Films reserves the right to delete any user account.


All Products are sold "as-is", without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied. As is common in the music industry, many audio demos contain virtual instruments from other companies, unless otherwise stated. You agree not to hold Scored Films liable for any dissatisfaction with quality or representation of Products or any software You may need in order to use the Products of Scored Films (such as Kontakt, Adobe Acrobat, etc.), including any dissatisfaction regarding the financial transactions or processing timeframe or any other circumstance which results from use, or inability to use, the Site or Products. Scored Films does not warrant the Site or Products to be free from errors. Audio demos on The Website are generally either owned by Film Sounds or published with permission of the owner of its copyright. If you wish to use such music material, please contact the composer of that music to seek permission.


All transactions are subject to authorization and validation by the card issuer and may be canceled or delayed without notice from Scored Films. Scored Films is not responsible for additional transaction fees or international conversion fees You may incur due to purchasing any Products. By purchasing any Products, You confirm that You are the lawful user of the used payment method, that any credit or debit card belongs to You, and that there are sufficient funds or credit to cover all costs and fees associated with any transaction or purchase of the Products. No refunds are issued for Products and all transactions are final.


This Site and all Products are intended for use by and directed to the residents ONLY of Utah, United States of America. If You reside outside of Utah, You agree to allow Your information, payment processing, and all other terms in the Agreement to be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah, United States of America. You agree that Scored Films shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss of any kind arising out of Your use or handling of the Site or the Products or any linked site or 3rd party software required to use the Products, including, but not limited to, lost profits, business interruption, and loss of content, software, or other data. You agree that Scored Films shall not be liable for any 3rd party collecting and using information acquired through use of the site, such as Cookies or any other common web service or function required to access, browse, or use the Site in any way.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Utah, United States of America, as applied to agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within the state, without giving effect to any principles of conflicts of law. You hereby consent and submit to the personal jurisdiction of either the state or federal courts located in Salt Lake County, Utah for the purposes of litigating any action taken to enforce the Agreement or matters related to the Site or Products. If any provision of the Agreement is void or unenforceable or found to conflict with law in whole or in part, the remaining provisions shall not be affected, unless Scored Films determines that such provision(s) are essential to the integrity of the Agreement, in which case Scored Films may amend the Agreement at our sole discretion.


If You do not agree to the Agreement or any future changes made to the Agreement, please do not use the Site or the Products. Any exceptions to the Agreement will be considered at the sole discretion of Scored Films.  In the event of a breach of the Agreement, Scored Films reserves the right to take action under civil and criminal law.