Start Composing

Sample Formats

Decent Sampler is new and exciting with an open format. SFZ players aren't recommended, but the format is provided for portability. Kontakt is dated and proprietary, but robust. Some bonus patches are provided for Kontakt, but hopefully as Decent Sampler improves, it will become the primary format we use.

Mobile / Mac / Win / Linux

DecentSampler and SFZ players are cross platform. Kontakt supports only Mac and PC.

Piano key that is stuck in a pressed position

Meet Composers

A great way to learn is to find composers on discord or boards such as VI Control or the NI Forum (Kontakt users). Many pro film composers help newcomers every day.

User Manual

"Software is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not that good." Our UI is simple and manual-free. Control instruments with dynamics, enable FX, or use your own. That's it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need a DAW?

No. StaffPad and Notion leave bulky UI's and distractions behind and focus on writing workflow. Those apps and Studio One are lightning fast to write in. Explore your options!

Which format am I purchasing?

Mobile editions may be offered within in-app stores. If buying directly from Film Sounds, DecentSampler, SFZ, and Kontakt patches are provided.

Can the free Kontakt Player play Film Sounds?

Um... no. Try Decent Sampler instead. The "Player" version of Kontakt restricts features and raises prices. To avoid extorting our users, we hope to keep prices as low as possible.

Kontakt says files are missing?

If you move files around, Kontakt may need you to use Browse for Folder to locate the sounds on your device. To avoid this, uncheck "absolute path" when re-saving patches.

Do specs matter?

We keep things lean. It depends on you and your system, but we aim for an extremely low starting footprint and mobile-first instruments as much as possible.