Cookie Information

Privacy is a right

Our cookie approach is simple. We do not sell our user's information and we do not use cookie-based analytics. The only cookies used are essential to the features of the site. While we find many common modern web practices disappointing, we believe the compliance standards from various organizations is putting all of our privacy rights at even greater risk by creating a false illusion of privacy that simply doesn't exist. For now, we hope by sharing what we've learned, we can help our visitors make informed decisions.

Cookies Used

Shopping Cart — Our cart and user-login service is provided by Snipcart. As of March 2021, their policy states they are GDPR-compliant for privacy.

Video Playback — We use the do-not-track (DNT) request provided by Vimeo and the youtube-nocookie service. We are also currently researching a hardcoded enhanced cookie privacy option for reasons explained below.

Contact Page — To protect the site, we use a recaptcha service. Several developers cite Google's as the only reliable, secure, and long-term option. This cookie is only created when you visit the Contact page or "Meet Us" link in our header.

International Compliance

Countries have varying requirements that don't always line up with each other. We even found that some countries' policy pages don't even follow their own rules. Some rules are overly specific without offering a way to comply. Most sites don't comply. Some who appear compliant have banners that don't actually disable cookies. Many developers report that their attempts to disable cookies isn't consistently working.

For these reasons, we find it simpler to use only cookies essential to the features of the site. In most countries, that's sufficient to be in compliance. Most companies use Google analytics to optimize their site traffic. Our approach is to not fuss over clicks and heat maps, so we have opted not to use cookie analytics altogether. We value privacy. We also opt not to do business with countries who's restrictions make it almost impossible for small businesses to maintain an effective website without custom-coding a new solution every time a policy changes. We ask that if our policies do not abide your countries laws, please refrain from using this site and purchasing products on this site. If you fall under this criteria, please clear your browser's cache and cookies and leave this site immediately. We have some ability to prevent purchases in other countries to help prevent misuse, but it's common enough or readily found knowledge that one can bypass such blocks with free proxy websites. We therefore ask that you only use this site if such usage meets the requirements of your country.

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