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An example of part of a code script

The Golden Answer

A shuffle (like a deck of cards) aims to reduce repeating patterns as much as possible. This first bit of code from this script creates a deck of cards (a group of round robins). You can easily edit the RR's via the "cards in the deck" variable. Or you could use a keyswitch or CC (for a different technique or articulation) to change the number. Playing a new note is like pulling a card from the top of the deck. The RR count, or $card goes up a number.

Once we've reached the bottom card (cards in deck := 10), three things happen. First, we take a picture of the current deck (we'll return to this first shuffle in a minute). Then we call the dealer function to shuffle the deck. How the shuffle works: the dealer fans out 10 cards in an array and tells us to take the first card from his deck and to pick a number, any number, at random. We pick a 3. In the new deck, this card will be in the 3rd in order. What just happened? We pull the cards in order, but re-place them in a random new location.

A hand holding a fanned deck of cards

Stuck in Kontakt? Get a new deck and a new shuffle. 🃏

Maverick throwing an Ace of Spades card (1994 film)