The Story

After switching to StaffPad, I saw a need and started sampling. I don't intend for Film Sounds to take off as other companies. For me, it's a low-key resource for those who might find value in some of my ideas and tools. Film Sounds is my whiteboard to share what I have.

Music Studio Workstation

New Terrain

A few years ago, I told a composer I looked up to I was heading a different direction than everyone else. After others jabbed at this, he replied to me "I couldn't agree more". The road less traveled doesn't mean ignoring our influences; it's just a deliberate choice to explore new territory. What would my Batman theme sound like? I wanted an answer, so I started exploring. What I found is that music isn't about me or finding a voice.

Music is about discovery, play, and serving others.

"Where words fail, music speaks." — Hans Christian Andersen

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S.R. Jackson


I was self disciplined until Paul Pollei briefly worked with me in my youth. We improvised together on his two Steinways. Genres, keys, time, tempo, leading... we were in perfect sync. I just didn't want to be a pianist. The way notes move interested me more than hammering things out. But he did convince me to never give up on my music goals.

A few years later, I studied under a student of Jerry Goldsmith. Tom Baggaley taught me to experiment methodically and asked me to orchestrate music for an orchestra to perform at Comic-Con. I then ventured out on my own. As Indina Jones said, "If you want to be a good archaeologist, you've got to get out of the library". I scored films, corporate videos, ads, and took any job I could get. Then my priority shifted.

A New Purpose

On a day I was feeling useless, I gave someone a simple gift. An easy effort, nothing big, but it opened my eyes. Whether music is used to help us memorize the alphabet or cope with loss, the means to serve humanity goes far beyond entertainment or ambition. A film can serve people. I'd just rather score a film I could get behind. Improving people's lives, with music, and better music tools. That's what I care about.